Import process in Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)

 The import process in Côte d'Ivoire involves four entities:

 - The Importer

 - The Customs broker

 - The Customs Office

 - The Services empowered to provide authorization or license


 The Importer

By importer, we mean the owner or the final recipient of the goods.  This can be a legal company  or a person.

He is bound by the obligation to provide a valid code sheet recorded in the customs computer system.

The code sheet is a summary document of information related to an importer.  It allows the importer to be legally identified at any customs office.

In addition to this code sheet, the importer must provide the documents concerning his imported goods (commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, authorization, import license, etc.)


​​​​​​The Authorized Customs Broker

He is the importer's representative at customs office.  He receives the code sheet and the importer's documents, analyzes them and prepares the customs declaration.

The customs declaration confirm the information of the goods in the customs computer system (nature, weight, recipient, sender, value etc.)

Once this customs declaration has been validated, he physically submits it to the appropriate customs service for control.

The authorized customs broker is legally responsible for all the information filled in customs declaration.


Customs Office

This is the estate entity that verifies the conformity of goods entering or leaving the territory.

As a result, for each import, customs receives thé upstream documentation sent by the customs broker.  (Deadline: 2 days)

Then, it validates the data related to the importer, the value and the nature of the goods.

This validated information automatically authorizes the customs broker to proceed to the customs clearance and declaration.

 Downstream, the customs proceed a documentary and / or physical verification of the packages before giving its exit authorization through the "Good to be removed" (Deadline: 2 days)


The Services empowered to provide authorization or license

For some goods, an import authorization or license is required.

These are pharmaceuticals, antennas, textile products, etc.

Please refer to us for the exhaustive list and to confirm that your good is not subject to any authorization.


Documentation required


Packing List

Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Origin

Importer code (We can use our importer code if any )

Bill of Lading or AWB

CTN (container tracking number on only for sea transport)


Do you need some informations about customs clearance process ? Kindly find below some documents about the process of the following operations

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