RH Logistique et Services is an Ivorian company operating in import-export by sea, air, rail and road . Our company is  specialized in general cargo, perishable goods, mining and oilfield equipment, but also in the transportation of goods between countries by road.
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Our Company operates in the following areas:
- Export and import customs clearance by air, sea, rail or land
- Transport intraland and hinterland
- Quotation and handling of goods in Door to Door prrocess
- Fast customs clearance process under "Provisional voucher" or "Lifting under hoist"
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RH Logistique et Services guarantees to take in charge of your shipment under the following conditions:
- Financial coverage
- Quotation within 24 hours maximum and 7 days a week
- Delivery time of 03 days from arrival of packages
- Customer advice
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Do you need some informations about customs clearance process ? Kindly find below some documents about the process of the following operations

TO  via abidjan to mali burkina  from  your inquiry